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A Nightmare on Elm Street IV : The Dream Master

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Daily Review

The problem we have here is the franchise is a victim of it’s own success. The film has a pretty interesting structure and plot, a great action director, Renny Harlin and continues more or less where the last film left off with survivors from the Dream Warriors hospital, now recovered and back in their homes. Kristen is unfortunately replaced with Tuesday Knight and this is the films first mistake. The loss of Pat Arquette is a big one. The second mistake is making Freddy even more glossy than previously. His jumper gets cleaner with every film, and his face more rubbery.

So, we have the Dream team back in their beds, awaiting Fred’s return. They know he’s dead, but it only takes a bit of thought to empower the evil child killers spirit and so, he’s back. Taking the teens to their darkest nightmares, and in some cases, ours, the viewer, too. Fred Krueger wearing sunglasses on a beach? Are you joking? Rod Eastman and Ken Sagoes return from the last outing to offer a decent performance and attempt to build some credence, but the plot this time swings from a whole host of new characters which leaves the viewer disorientated. Half of these could have been cut from the plot which would have made a neater affair. Instead, we get the old team and their new friends all caught up on the Krueger rollercoaster. The new casts age is crazy too. There is one bloke at high school who looks at least 40, and no, he’s not a teacher, but a student. Insane! The film has some interesting ideas, but the main problem is there is no suspense, gore or horror. The dream sequences don’t feel like dreams for the most past and it’s all a bit glitzy and glossy; Fred has become a clown.

Apart from this, there are some good points. The rebirth of Krueger is a great effect and the brilliant waterbed scene is truly from the spirit of the first movie. Also, the scene in the cinema was the highlight of the film, inventive, inspiring and genius.

(Is Alice Johnson’s house the same one used by Eastwood in Gran Torino?)


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