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A Nightmare on Elm Street II : Freddy’s Revenge.

by on Apr.26, 2010, under Daily Review

This is the beginning of the end and I really blame the idea of Fred Krueger becoming Freddy. It’s all a bit friendly for my liking. Director Jack Sholder takes control of the red and green money machine, as Wes Craven cringes at what New Line pictures are doing with his characters. Sholder has made some pretty interesting films, although nothing overly inspiring. The Hidden was quite good, as was Alone in the Dark, but Elm Street 2 is a disaster.

The plot is as follows. Jesse (Mark Patton) is a nerdy teen, moving into a new area and unfortunately, the house of Nancy from part 1. It’s not long before he’s having dreams of Mr Krueger, but this time around, Fred is out for possession, using Jesse as a host in order to connect with the waking world. None of this makes any sense really and it’s difficult to make out what is reality or dream as the dream sequences are so un-dream like. It flows more like a teen comedy really, although for some reason, the lame character of Jesse bags him a girlfriend Lisa (Kim Myers) who is totally out of his league and a best friend in the form of the popular school baseball player, Ron (Robert Rusler) which is unrealistic. Rusler is quite a good actor but it wouldn’t take much to stand out from the rest of the cast. Another highlight is Jesse’s dad being Clu Gulager, Burt from Return of the Living Dead.

Fred or should I say Freddy is more in the spotlight here, less of a dangerous nightmare and more of a comedy one line king. His jumper is cleaner and brighter and even his burnt fleshy face is a little less disgusting, less burn and more shiny  rubbery ish, although, one of the highlights is the removal of the skin from his scull cap to expose the brain of the monster. There are some pretty good moments, but they are few are far between and this chariot with Jesse riding is unconvincing. I couldn’t care less and was preying that Fred would hurry up and mince the lot a bit quicker to get me to part 3 and hopefully a more talented cast, better script, finer direction and a little less 80’s looking.

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