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High School Girl Rika: Zombie Hunter

by on Apr.02, 2010, under Daily Review

This film is nuts, but I’m sure I expected as much prior to viewing. Comedy gore with moments of extreme bad taste which is something I did not expect and really, found quite disgusting. The basic idea is fun although crazy a tad, but this I could easily go along with.

After a zombie outbreak, Rika (Risa Kudo) and her friends head for her grandfathers house only to find he’s lost the plot. A small mêlée with the zombie hoards sees Rika take a flesh wound to the arm. Her Grandfather, being a surgeon, removes the arm with his Katana. The arm of a legendary Zombie hunter is found and surgically stitched onto the schoolgirl, creating a super zombie schoolgirl killer. This is the basis and if you like the sound of this, great. The shots of Rika taking zombies out with her Katana are great, stunning idea really, very Japanese, cute looking and gruesome all at the same time. Fight sequences resembling PS3 games, fast moving, swords swinging, limbs and blood spraying with flashes of magical powered light to emphasis super powers at play.

The rest of the film though is questionable. The gore is really nasty. Many close up sots of bites and rips of flesh with realistic rich blood red gore which sprays all over the cast for ultimate effect. The zombies are odd, some bumbling fools, others, versatile ninja fighting machines. Sub plots involve a surgeon friend turned zombie who has mastered the art of controlling his urges, to eat humans, but wears a muzzle just to be on the safe side. There’s a scene with a girl getting her tongue bitten out which is quite original. A comedy ‘Evil Dead’ style moment with a Zombie eyeball landing into one of our nerdy groups mouths as they try to escape. The scene at Grandfathers house is probably the highlight with French maid zombies amongst other oddities.

This is not your usual Z flick. Expect comic book, bad taste, mangaesque. All good fun, but grisly with it’s black comedy.

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