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Night of the Comet

by on Mar.22, 2010, under Daily Review

You might not realise it yet, but this film is one of the most important cultural reference movies of the early 80’s. It’s as must a documented recording and should sit on your shelf alongside the likes of Tron, Wargames, Back to the Future and ET as a historical account of how things were, clothes, hair and music and it gives me such a good feeling to watch.

This is a zombie film, with a scifi heart. The film begins with the people of LA awaiting a comet, celebrating in the streets, little do they know they’ll turn to dust as the rock flies across the sky. Two sisters survive the night, one spending the night in a cinema, the other hiding out in a tool shed. It appears, those inside a metal room for the event are the only ones left. Others in slight contact with the comet turn into crazy flesh eaters. So the sisters have LA to play in as the streets seem deserted. Cool cars to drive, great shops to dress in, and Uzi machine guns to fire. But as always, the key characters need to keep an eye out for the zombies and the greedy human survivors.

Reminiscent of Masterson’s ‘I am Legend.’ Writer and Director, Thom Eberhardt has created a brilliant, beautiful looking film here. The script is sharp, snappy and totally realistic bringing to life rich characters through the talents of our two protagonists Regina and Samantha (Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney). It’s also good to see that both of these actresses have maintained steady work for their career. A tribute to Eberhardt, through his fine choice for the roles. The look and feel of the film, although looking super 80’s is a real pleasure to watch. Each scene is well shot and LA looks amazing, with empty streets and pink smoggy sky over the city skyline.

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