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Vengeance of the Zombies

by on Mar.14, 2010, under Daily Review

Where to begin with this one? Crazy film. So many sub plots and characters and strangeness going on here, I really don’t know where to begin. The main plot I suppose, if one of Voodoo. An Indian aristocrat, Krisna (Paul Naschy) is obsessed with the occult and voodoo. When Elvire, (Romy) a young English girl in love with Krisna visits his country mansion in LLangwell, strange things begin to happen. Warnings and bizarre murders begin to take place, with the dead, raised from the tombs to perform the dirty deeds of their master.

As voodoo occultist, Naschy looks cool in colourful surroundings and rituals. One ritual has his assistant, the beautiful Kala (Mirtha Miller), painted head to toe in gold, later on she wears a white box on her head, with a pink painted tongue. But Krisna has an evil brother, the summoner of the undead, who goes by the name of Kantaka, dressed V for Vendetta style, skulking around cemeteries and the like with undead brides dressed in floaty see through gowns doing his work to the funky 70s soundtrack. It’s all a bit odd but very enjoyable to watch. There are some nasty murders too, one bloke getting an rusty can pressed into his neck, and a scene with the strangest strangulation on film.

The zombies are quite creepy too as beautiful 70’s woman with perfect hair and green painted rotting faces and evil grins, they really do look quite unnerving. Also, well worth a look for the footage of London in the 70’s, which really hasn’t changed that much, but shows some great vintage cars and red busses.

I almost forgot the devil! Naschy has a third role in this film, as the devil. A strong image and depiction of Satan, with a mighty impressive pair of horns.  

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