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Zombie Creeping Flesh

by on Mar.08, 2010, under Daily Review

Bruno Mattei and side kick, Claudio Fragasso direct this Zombie outing, filling out the ideals and offering a fresh plan and reason for the Zombie plague. The Italians a brilliant at ripping off more successful movies, (Here, Dawn, Flesheaters and even Cannibal Holocaust) and to be honest, this isn’t too bad. It’s well made, nicely shot with some good action sequences and plenty of gore, although it does seem a bit on the slow side at times and could have done with a trimming of 10 minutes to pick up the pace.

Basic plot involves a pair of reporters who get caught off guard by a Zombie outbreak somewhere in the New Guinea countryside. Meeting up with a SWAT team they travel from one situation to the next, stopping along the way to explore. The outbreak originates in a chemical plant, spreading through the island effecting small tribes of natives, which adds a cannibal theme to the film. The script is dreadful and for the most part, the film suffers from bad direction and a shoddy plot with characters doing the most unrealistic things. The actors are quite good and struggle with a lack of direction and the poor script. It’s a shame, as the production must have had a half decent budget. The widescreen framing id beautiful and really gives the film some credence although, the use of wildlife stock footage is dreadful and the use of real animal slaughter is really bad taste.

Margit Evelyn Newton puts in a good performance here, if only give more to work with. Why she agreed to the naked scenes is beyond me, as they are of no importance or relevance to the film at all. On a plus, the music is Goblin which is always a joy to listen to and although this has not been scored specifically for this film, it works well with many familiar tracks used.  

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by on Mar.08, 2010, under Other Musings

Here’s hoping Carey Mulligan and Colin Firth bring home the Oscars tonight. Good luck, for Queen and Country.

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