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Zombi 3 (Flesheaters 2)

by on Mar.04, 2010, under Daily Review

I’m not too sure where this fits in with the whole sequel thing really. Is this supposed to be set pre-Flesheaters? Is this the island of Dr Menard? And is this the explanation and reasoning behind the outbreak? Who knows. There’s actually another Zombi 3 (Zombie Terror) Directed by Andrea Bianchi (There’s probably more in fact) but I opted for the Fulci and it’s not good news.

This is a poor film, and one of the worst Fulci films I’ve seen, it’s difficult to see that this is the same director who brought us beautiful films such as Flesheaters, Ripper, Manhattan baby etc. It’s look and feel are so shoddy with zero artistic input at all. I’d seriously question Fulci’s input of this film. (on further investigation, it appears that Claudio Fragasso actually directed this film, and not Fulci at all. How come Fulci’s name is all over it?) The acting is bad, the plot is simple and obvious and ripped off many earlier films from the 80’s. Set production is cheep, which makes the film look worse, as when trying to make military and scientific presence look realistic, it’s difficult when you only have a few actors in correct attire in what looks like an office canteen. The scenes out on the ground are good enough though, with the usual group of unfortunates, flung together out of convenience due to a desperate situation. This time, we have military lads on their weekend off, and a bus load of ladies, caught up in the middle of the outbreak, they travel from various decaying buildings in search of safety, escaping zombies and the threat of military who have decided to wipe out everyone in the area.

The gore is quite good. There’s a scene with a woman getting her skin ripped from the face which is pretty cool, but there is too many inconsistencies. Some of the zombies just shamble about whist others act like kung fu champions. They talk too, something lifted from ‘85’s Return of the Living Dead, along with the idea of incineration causing zombie epidemic fallout. The film is also reminiscent of Creeping Flesh

Stefano Mainetti offers an interesting Demons Simonetti style score which is probably the best thing about this film, apart from the red convertible Chevrolet and a zombie scull which can leap through the air.  And what’s going on with Zombie DJ?!

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