My Bloody Valentine

by on Feb.14, 2010, under Daily Review

The early 80’s was a great time for creative slasher flicks and My Bloody Valentine is certainly one of those. Seriously grisly, a great plot, script and pretty good acting. A mine is the main location for the stalking and slashing going on here and it works really well, creating great atmosphere and claustrophobia. The killer, old Harry Warden is iconic as the revenge stricken miner complete with black boiler suit, gasmask and helmet lamp. Chosen weapon: pick axe.

The film starts in a small mining town, preparing for a valentine ball. Youngsters are goofing around, whilst the elders of the town seem worried. The tale, 20 years prior, tells of a miner trapped underground for 6 weeks, living on the flesh of other trapped miners. Trapped due to neglectful mine managers, eager to meet their dates on that year’s valentine ball. He took revenge, murdering all responsible and warning the town, if they ever have a ball again, he’ll be back to slaughter everyone. So, 20 years have passed and this will be the first Valentine celebration since those ghastly murders. You guessed it, they start again.

There is some real gore in this flick. Some really nasty scenes, but it’s not all about the gore. It’s a great atmospheric film with interesting characters and a great script and plot. The killers outfit is bloody great and I’m really surprised that it’s taken 30 years to knock out a remake or even a sequel. George Mihalka Directs what is probably his only offering to the genre and what a great film he gave us, bringing a varied cast, encouraging fine performances where needed and lighter, stereotypes as filling roles. Perfect. Notable performances by Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier and Neil Affleck.

Look out for the blokes head coming off whilst falling with a rope around the neck, the girl surrounded by bouncing mining suits and the opening sequence with the pick axe through the girls chest, emblazoned with a heart tattoo.


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