Love Me Strangely (Un Beau Monstre)

by on Feb.19, 2010, under Daily Review

Alain Revert is a bit of a cad. He’s got this obsession with dominating women, manipulating with charm, charisma wealth and his good looks, but turning to emotional torture and despair, pushing them to the brink of death with the aid of drugs. This is his game. But why does he do this? We get a glimpse of homosexuality, a closeted lust which forces his own angst against the dreadful treatment of every woman he comes into contact with.

It’s an amazing looking film with an unusual theme. Beautifully shot in Paris and Venice, by Sergio Gobbi, making the most of the widescreen ratio with every scene well balanced and picture perfect. The cast are all cool too Helmut Berger as the dastardly Revert. Virna Lisi and Francoise Brion as his wives and the charismatic Charles Aznavour as the inquisitive Police Inspector. The script is great too. Great dialogue between Revert and Nathalie ‘How did you know it was my scarf?’ Revert’s response ‘I recognised your perfume.’

The themes challenged in this film are remarkable for the time. (1970) Confused sexuality, emotion blackmail, drug induced non-voluntary depression and pressured suicide. All this and a perfect polished look with fine acting. I’m surprised this film hasn’t gathered a cult following. I’m also surprised this film isn’t available on DVD. Shocking.


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