Liza (Demonia)

by on Feb.25, 2010, under Daily Review

500 years ago, a superfluity of Sicilian Nuns was thought to be in league with the Lucifer, crucified in the most horrendous of ways. When a team of archaeologists begin an excavation on the site, the evil spirits of 5 of these Nuns are released, seeking vengeance and revenge for the wrongs done against them. One of the team Liza (Meg Register) discovers a secret tomb with crucified Nuns all over the place. She’s haunted by dreams and tries to get to the bottom of what happened, but the local community are not forthcoming. Liz begins the experience the supernatural with her soul sympathising and synchronising with one of the ghost Nuns. It’s not long before her team and the village locals start dropping like flies in all sorts of grisly manner.

Once again, Fulci shows strong character in his direction with a great cast to support. Brett Halsey is again, superb here. Al Cliver’s performance is solid as always. Carla Cassola (The Sect) is also believable here as the Medium, offering the insight to the terrible deeds against the Nuns. But it’s Meg Register that carries the bulk of the film and does a great job.

My only grip here would be pace. It’s a bit slow on the start up; it takes a good 40 minutes to really get going. But once Lilla (Cassola) has explained the back story, the film picks up and gains pace. The tale of the Nuns is quite a disturbing one, and some of the visuals are quite graphic, especially the burning baby! Lilla’s downfall is also an interesting scene with Fulci making use of cats (once again) as a faithful familiar to the evil doings, removing the Medium’s eyes. The scene is memorable to that of Manhattan Baby which uses taxidermist birds for the same device.  

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