Howling VI : The Freaks

by on Feb.12, 2010, under Daily Review

So what’s wrong with this film? This is hard work. These Howling films get worse and worse and worse although with a spark of originality from the last movie, I thought we were on an up. Nope. This is a bad film. Could I have really expected any more from the 6th in the series?

Basic plot involves a young werewolf, trapped by a spooky carnival. The Carnival master has this neat trick that makes wolfboy transform at the drop of a hat, therefore, instant sideshow success. I mean, who wouldn’t pay to see a man turn to wolf? Head of the carnival, RB Harker is played by Bruce Payne, the british RADA trained actor who is wasted in this film. In fact, I’ve never seen him in a good film, but I’m, sure with the right director he could really offer something. Here though, he’s obvious, cartoon and bland. Wolfboy is 2D. In fact, he’s not even that good. Ian the wolfboy is as bad as it gets in cinema and it’s probably this reason that the film fails in such a bad way as most of the rest of the cast are pretty good. Sean Sullivan, Elizabeth She (Again, same character as the last film, but no continuance at all) and Antonio Fargas who is amazing here. The whole idea is a great one though. I’m always a sucker for a freak show. Bearded Mermaid, contortionists and Midgets  all hit the right spot. It looks great too; Thumbs up for set design. Direction is dreadful. First time director Hope Perello treat this like a student project and ends up with a film that lasts 90 mins but feel like 4 hours.

Did I mention the effects? There might have been a reason for that. The wolf transformation is probably as bad as it gets. The fist big transformation on stage at the carnival is dreadful and the finished result just looks ridiculous.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh on this one. Maybe it’s not as bad as I say, but if you watch this for yourself, be warned. (you can buy this on amazon for 1p)

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