Anthropophagus the Beast

by on Feb.04, 2010, under Daily Review

Joe D’Amato’s classic gorefest and infamous Video Nastie of the UK 80’s witch-hunt easily still stands up today as a fine film with some nice artistic camera work, a great cast and impressive soundtrack. All this and a cracking plot with some real pure gore.  A group of friend head out to a remote Mediterranean island searching for sun, sand and relaxation. What they find, is a homicidal maniac who has eaten the local village, and is hungry for more. The beast is a giant of a man who slowly hunts down the holiday makers, to rip, tear and devourer the flesh.

George Eastman takes the lead role as the monster. Real screen presence and a real evil villain. Tisa Farrow, Serena Grandi and Saverio Vallone all offer great performances too. But it’s the story and direction which really makes this film stand out. It’s atmospheric and beautifully filmed, really showing the Med as a great place to visit, apart from the crazy psycho that is. Eastman and Joe D co-wrote and truly came up with an outstanding plot, showing the beast as something that is, not just a weirdo who kills people. He picks them off, stores them for later, prowls and waits like an animal. There’s no real motive or sacrifices for reasons for his cannibalism; Just an animal urge.

The controversial scene which made the newspapers on numerous occasions during the 80’s, sees The beast murder Maggie, a young pregnant mother, strangulation with one hand, removal of the unborn baby with the other, resulting in the beast chomping down on the bloody baby, umbilical cord still attached. A horrendous scene: brutal and monstrous. But it’s this which makes the beast unlike any other cinema villain. A mainstream American version could never be made. Jason, Freddy, Michael all massacre the masses, but never chew the flesh afterwards. A stunning final scene is the perfect climax.

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