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Door into Silence

by on Feb.26, 2010, under Daily Review

This is not the usual Fucli film, unlike anything else I have ever seen made by the legend. Id’ even go as far as to say this was filmed mainly by his daughter, Camilla as there is little to tie this Lucio as far as style, look, feel and concept, although some obvious signature zooms are dropped in for credence. Fulci was a sick man when this film was made, and although credited under a pseudonym as writer, I’d even question this, with Fulci maybe offering a brief concept for the plot which was adapted by Camilla et al.

 The film follows Melvin Devereux (John Savage) who, after the funeral of his father, spends most of the film following a crazy hearse and bumping into a strange ‘Mysterious’ woman (Sandi Schultz) in the Deep South America. Through various encounters, Melvin struggles to gain cohesive reasoning for actions, bumbling from one crazy encounter to the next without any real flesh to the scenes.

The twist at the end is far to long coming and could have been seen within the first ten minutes of this film. For any Fulci fan, this film is worth a look, otherwise, it’s slow, obvious and torturous to watch.

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