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When Alice Broke the Mirror

by on Feb.23, 2010, under Daily Review

This is a real gem. Fulci creating a mixed genre piece, black comedy horror with a top quality cast of Italian gore veterans, it’s an intriguing film. Lester Parson (Brett Halsey) is a crazy man. Womaniser and gambler, he picks his women from the lonely hearts column and chooses only those on the rich list. Wooing romantically and drowning them with fine wine, before butchering their bodies using various weapons of choice. All is going well until a tramp notices the ungodly deed and resorts to blackmail.  The police are soon on his trail and his luck is fading on the poker table.

Halsey has been in every US TV show of the 80’s. Bionic Woman to the Fall Guy, Love Boat to Fantasy Island. He’s got real charm and charisma and takes the lead role with real zest. The supporting cast include Ria De Simone (Bruno Mattei’s Women’s Camp 119), Zora Kerova (New York Ripper, Anthro and Ferox) and Al Cliver (Flesheaters, Murder Rock, Devil Hunter). A real quality cast.

This is a quirky, kooky movie. Its comedy is as much a strength as the over the top gore which is also played for laughs, despite its gruesome grisliness. It’s great to see Fulci toying with this combination which he does so well without neglecting his beautifully framed cinematography. Well worth a look.

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