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Another Nastie and once again, we have the pairing of Eastman and Joe D. This time around, it’s kind of a semi sequel to Anthro, but not set on an Island, and the monster is a bit cleaner cut: Maybe it’s a prequel? Stranger things have happened. The Beast turns up climbing over a iron railing fence, slipping and tearing his guts out (once again). He recovers in hospital at a tremendous race, due to his inhuman strength and power and monstrous ability, and begins a rage of blood, gore and carnage (once again). A drill through a nurse’s head; an electric jigsaw through the baldness of a janitor. There’s also an amazing effect showing a huge pick axe through a girls head and out of the jaw. It’s all good and gory, and the beast is invincible in his size 12 Puma trainers, taking bullets, knives and even being hit by a car. Nothing can stop him, except maybe a young disabled girl.

It’s a great film, pure Italian in style and Joe D’Amato excels in creating some beautiful scenes, capturing and creating some suspenseful moments with nicely paced out scenes of violence. The soundtrack compliments this also, with a cool electronic early 80’s thing going on. Joe D also has a great talent in introducing likeable characters who can be read instantly, before setting them up for the chopper.   

Edmund Purdom (Don’t open ‘till Christmas, Fifth Cord) plays a Priest who is hunting the blood thirsty beast, for some reason or other. And it’s also good to see a young Michele Soavi on a motorbike, before he get’s gorged on. (Eastman Wrote Stage Fright, Soavi’s first flick) Also, look out for the trick later used (mirrored) in Manhunter with music playing real loud all over a house to confuse the senses of a blind person.

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