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Halloween 2: The Devil Walks Among Us

by on Feb.02, 2010, under Daily Review

How does Rob Zombie follow up his first success remake of a cult classic? It’s a difficult task for any sequel, but for a remake of what is probably the best. Or at least the most famous and highly recognized. The sequel was a different beast altogether. And that’s how it’s attacked. A slight nod to the original sequel with the first 20 mins set in a hospital, then it’s dismissed and Zombie finally has room to play.

The story continues after the first. Meyers (Tyler Mane) is thought to be dead. Whilst being taken to the morgue, the vehicle has an untimely accident with a cow, and the man in the mask is back. 20 mins of Hospital stalking then we are into the real story. Michael having visions of his younger self, idolising his dead mother (Sheri Moon) as a holy figure, white dress, white horse. His former psychologist, Samuel Loomis (McDowell) has gained some success over the past few years, selling a novel based on Myers. When Michael stumbles across a book signing, he’s after blood and revenge. One scene see’s Loomis quote Freud, ‘every man wants to sleep with their mother and kill their father’. This is an exceptional movie and a massive achievement. Zombie has taken the bull by the horns and raised the bar once again after dutifully honouring the original flick, he’s now able to remove any cartoon connotations which might have been in place and create a truly nasty horrific, gritty real gore flick which is following on, more from his skills learned from making Devil’s Rejects. Beautifully filmed and poetic in it’s gruesome glory. But this if a far distance from the recent spate of gorenography from Eli et al. Myers kills for convenience, not glory, and this film emphasizes pure evil; a beast in the form of man.

Credit to Scout Taylor-Compton and Brad Dourif and also, it’s great to see Margot Kidder on the screen.

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