Sorority Row

by on Jan.24, 2010, under Daily Review

I really wanted to like this film.  The hype has been quite impressive, words of encouragement, ‘Best horror film since Scream’. I was let down. Let down in a big way, but I’m gonna give this one a second chance. I will watch it again in a few weeks just to confirm my fears.

Basic outline is as follows. A sorority house sees a spate of murders sweep across the house following the accidental death of a friend involved in a prank gone wrong. All involved begin to fall like flies.

My main issue here is the characters are drab bitches who struggle to show any sign of enjoyment, even during the first 10 minutes whilst a huge house sorority party takes place, OC/90210 style. The film is clinical and sharp, which is a nice thing, (credit to Director Stewert Hendler) but doesn’t seem to work with this style of film, which could have worked better being warm and glossy. Again, on a second viewing, I could be wrong, and maybe this is the films strength. Deaths are well accomplished and nicely filmed, Soundtrack also works very well. But my second biggest gripe following bitchy characters is the pointless motive upon reveal of the murderer.  Poor and seriously lets the film down.

On a positive, I enjoyed the setup prank murder during the opening few scenes. Very good. Second positive, Carrie Fisher! I could be very wrong about this one. Second viewing will happen,


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