Sorority House Murders (Blood Cult)

by on Jan.31, 2010, under Daily Review

I’ve watched some bad films over the years, but nothing comes near to this. I almost plucked my own eyes out of my head to prevent any further viewing. Shockingly bad acting. About as bad as it could get. But as always, I hang on until the very end before putting my final thoughts to paper. If someones gone to the trouble of making a film, it’s only our duty, once commited to that film, to stick with it to the very end, for better or worse.

So we have the opening scene of the film being a girl in a show. She’s shouting out, ‘who’s there?’ ‘is that you?’ kinda obvious things. A gloved bloke breaks in and hacks her to pieces with a butcher knife. It’s all a bit cheep, even the blood looks wrong. After this initial scene you could be tempted to end the film right there, but are encouraged by the back story, which rolls up onto the screen. The story of the bizarre murders which happened in a small US town in the 80’s. A case so strange, the likes have never been seen again. ‘What could it be? I really need to watch this now just to find out’, I think to myself.

The plot. We have murders taking place. They start off at the Tri-Delta Sorority but soon spread to all sorts of places. Each time, a body part is removed and a coin left in it’s place. Some kind of weird cult is afoot, collecting body parts to build a monster for sacrifice.

The film is a mess. It’s made on a shoe string budget, but that’s no excuse. There are some signs of talent within the poor acting pool (Charles Ellis and Juli Alderman), and the plot was quite interesting, Lovecraftian even, but the film is dreadful. There are scenes which go on for hours with nothing happening. One scene shows a farm yard, point of view from a static camera. The voices of the occupants can be heared but nothing happens! Crazyness! Who thought that would be a good idea?


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