Sorority House Massacre 3: Hard to Die

by on Jan.28, 2010, under Daily Review

Here we are again with Jim Wynorski and his Hollywood bimbo carnival. This sequel has a slight thread of continuality from the others. Absolutly nothing really to do with the first. Set in an LA office block, 5 bimbo temps are employed for admin duties. When a wrong delivery arrives and is accidentally opened, a crazy spirit of a killer is released from a Soul box with an accompaniment of thunder and lightning. Orville Ketchum, (Peter Spellos) the creepy neighbour from the last film returns as the janitor and fills the girls in on the tale of Hockstatter.

The girls get to work on shifting the admin from the basement, but after a quick cigarette break, set off the water sprinkler system, which results in the swift removal of outer garments, leaving the temps in lingerie for the rest of the film. One by one, they are picked off by a gloved killer with a hacksaw.

Once again, it’s a light fun film. The script is fun and well used and the acting is as expected. Plenty of screams and running about a dark building. Did I mention that two of the girls are the ones who where murdered in the previous film? Notably, Robyn (Gail) Harris returns and although she has some talent, struggles to hide her Yorkshire accent which is quite entertaining to watch. Melissa Moore returns and joined with Deborah Dutch, Karen Mayo-Cahndler and Bridget Carney.

Forrest Ackerman also has a small role in this film, which is great to see. Legend.


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