Monster (Humanoids From the Deep)

by on Jan.13, 2010, under Daily Review

You can’t beat a good monster movie, and you can’t go far wrong with this one. A fishing town is finding its occupants being attacked and murdered. Women are going missing and men and beast ripped to shreds. What can be the cause? Chemicals from a new factory, spilled into the sea having devastating results and creating fishy humanoid monsters with an interest in the local females.

The gore is great. One stunning effect sees a face removed from a young chap as he paddles along the beach with his girlfriend. The monsters, once seen are shambling Lovecraftian sea dwellers, very well created and good movement too, offering a satisfying monster experience. Massive webbed finger claws which rip flesh. Blood splashing all over the place! It’s atmospheric too with a real sense of fear and panic, especially during the fairground scene which sees plenty of carnage.

Vic Morrow steals the show once more, as a Hank Slattery, a local worker, initially in support of the new factory, after the murder of his dog, he finds himself fighting for his life and saving the rest of the town folk with old school muscle. Ann Turkel is also impressive here as Dr.Drake, who discovers the mutation chemical at play. Doug McClure is also here.

It’s good, gory fun which borrows from Lovecraft and lends to some latter day monster films, Host and Cloverfield. Watch out for the terrific ending, unexpected is the understatement.


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