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Adam Green has hit gold with this movie. Writer and Director, we have a new horror icon on the screen, Victor Crowley. The tale of a young deformed kid who lives out in the swap with his father. Kids make fun of him, and on one Halloween, accidentally set fire to the house. As Victor burns to death, his father attempts to save him, but breaks an axe right through his sons head. 10 years later, Victor is back to haunt the swap and take revenge. OK, so this sounds like a bunch of other slasher films. The Burning and Friday 13th are prime, but as with all things, books, film, art; everything is lifted from the cauldron, but it’s what you put back in that matters. This is super fresh and original.

Joel Moore (Dodgeball and Avatar) takes the lead as Ben, visiting Mardi-Graas with a bunch of friends who are all out for a good time. Ben has recently been dumped by his longtime girlfriend and is struggling to get over her and rather than opt for some crazy party, takes an unofficial Horror tour of the swap (Advised by horror legend, Tony Todd – Candyman). After some unfortunate events, the guests of the tour end up creeping around the swap, trying not to get picked off by Victor.

This film has the lot. It’s perfectly shot. Has a great balance of humor and horror with fast quick on liners, likeable characters and plenty of inventive gore sequences. Tamara Feldman, Deon Richmond and Joel Murray offer great characterisations, whilst Joleigh Fioravanti and Mercedes McNab offer an original double bimbo act. It’s also great to see a few cool genre cameos from Todd, Englund, Buechler, Joshua Leonard and Kane Hodder which adds credence to this new offering. Sequel is due out later this year.


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