Demons 6 : De Profundis

by on Jan.09, 2010, under Daily Review

Originally made as the third part of Argento’s 3 mothers trilogy, Luigi Cozzi takes the helm as director, most famous for Contamination and Hercules. Re-branded as a Demons movie, this has nothing to do with the Demons series, even less so than the other 4! The only common denominator is a pair of actors, Urbano Barberini and Jasmine Maimone, originally in the first Demons film.

The plot: Two film makers speak with a production company to fund a project, the final part of the 3 Mothers movies although after initial talks of the storyline, it seems as though the spirit of ‘Levana’, the most powerful of Witches whose soul is eternal, has been released with nightmare consequences. There are plenty of great set pieces with a plot that doesn’t make 100% sense, or maybe even 50% sense, but it flows well and is easy to watch, and should have taken it’s place as the 3rd part in the series rather than this Demons 6 business.

There’s a great cast, Caroline Munroe is bloody good and at her finest here, whilst Florence Guerin holds the film together as the main protagonist, lead actress in the Levana film and wife of Director played by Barberini who spends most of the film searching for her missing baby with a sub plot of Levana needing a baby to take human form of a male, or something like that. She’s also told by a fairy from the TV that she has some powerful magic, equal to Levana, but in a good white Witch kinda way. But when it comes down to it, it seems that everyone is an agent for the Witch.

There’s some good shocking gore too. An exploding torso is Cozzi’s signature mark, from Contamination, whilst a great scene, midway through the film has Barberini and Guerin stabbing each other with big Giallo knives. Crazy CGI is used throughout which is a bit off putting, but it actually grows on you as you watch and when used in the final few scenes, is quite impressive.

It’s nicely filmed, very classic in style, with solid, steady camerawork and an impressive achievement by Cozzi to attempt to make a film to follow in Inforno and Suspiria’s footsteps. It doesn’t quite live up to the mark, but then again, neither did Argento’s ‘Mother of Tears’. My only gripe, yet again, would be dubbing. This time, shot in English, but re-dubbed into English!? Why?

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