Demons 2

by on Jan.04, 2010, under Daily Review

With the great success of the first film. Bava & Argento return with a second outing of Demons but what went wrong? It’s so confusing that they can get it so right with the first one and make such a huge mess of the second. I can’t blame the fact that maybe the budget was reduced, or maybe it was just that the budget was spent on something other than effects and fresh actors. It’s a shame and a disaster. Saying that, it’s still not a bad looking film and it’s still quite enjoyable on a very low level and it’s also still over flowing with green puss and blood.

What we have here is a very similar plot to the first. Rather than a cinema and a film, we have an apartment block and TV. Less convincingly, the demon crawls from the TV after being brought back to life from a drop of blood in a TV show. The demon rips apart Sally (the talented Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni) which in turn spreads the Demonic vibe around the building. Many original cast members return in new roles, notably Bobby Rhodes, the pimp from the first film is back as a gym instructor. One of the highlights of the film has to be Bobby throwing a plant, still in it’s pot at a locked gate.

The biggest disappointing moment has to be the birth of the baby demon which goes crazy in the apartment of a pregnant woman, but unfortunately, the effect of the demon is so bad, it’s basically a latex sock puppet. There’s also a ridiculous demonic dog at one point also. It’s such a damn shame as the franchise should have flourished after the first. Again though, Claudio Simonetti’s score is outstanding and well worth a listen and it’s also good to see a young Asia Argento showing great potential.


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