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The Loreley’s Grasp

by on Jan.21, 2010, under Daily Review

Amando de Osserio, Director who gave us the Blind Dead movies, here tackles a local folk lore tale, along the lines of the Wolfman, we have the Loreley. A Beautiful magical woman (Helga Line) from the lake who transforms into a terrific beast at night, when the moon is full, collecting the hearts of victims from the local rural village; The Loreley! Trouble starts when the murders get closer to the village, and a school for girls. (What else would you drop into the middle of this film?) So the school hires a hunter (Tony Kendall) to track down the beast and save them all; they did not expect him to arrive dressed in Elvis attire.

It’s a great film. With all sorts of love interests going on, Sirgurd (Kendall) being the object of desire here with even the beast falling for his charms, even though there are moments when he has a bit of a dickie fit, Kevin & Perry style, stamping his foot. Elke (Silvia Tortosa) and Brigitte (Marisol Delgado) also cannot resist.

The gore is good. Some really nasty scenes, one especially bad, made me cry out ‘jesus christ’, which is not the usual thing I do whilst watching a bit of horror. There are some scenes also which just make you question, ‘what are they doing?’ A scene where they find a dead bloke (Not just dead, but skin ripped from the face) Sirgurd just spins the chair the corpse is sitting on around. Acts as though it’s the most usual thing in the world. Soon after they find some parchment. Sirgurd reads some they mentions he cannot read the rest, casually flings the paperwork to the floor. Odd. Also, look out for the maid finding the second victim, as she walks straight past the bloody mess.

There’s another strange thing going on here. The film has a look of mid 19th century. (Set on the Rhine in Germany) Villagers with pitchforks and carts and flagons of ale, but then the school for girls is swinging 60’s, big hair and two piece bikinis. It’s a good contrast and it works well. Another highlight is Loreley’s secret under lake cave with a few other women hanging out in leopard skin bikinis, who for some unknown reason end up rolling around having a cat fight. Class. There’s also a really nice poetic twist at the end. Nice camera filming effect too.

The version I have is dubbed, but I hear there is a English subs version available. This would be highly recommended, as the translation of the dubbing is bad at times.

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