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L’Ultimo Squalo

by on Jan.14, 2010, under Daily Review

This film makes Jaws look like Free Willy. It’s vicious! The plot lifts heavily from it’s predecessor, but there’s very few story-lines that can be built around a killer shark attacking a beach. What makes this film stand out is the glorious effects. We have some real contact with the Great White, with the beast being visible for most of the scenes, which makes the film quite terrifying. The final 20 minutes are horrific as the Shark takes a whole pier off into the sea, complete with beach goers who cling on for dear life. One by one, the shark chomps them up. Tremendous.

Some class acting going on also. Vic Morrow plays Ron Hamer, head shark hunter, alongside Peter Benton (James Franciscus, Planet of the Apes) They don’t need a bigger boat! Both have some real style and screen presence. Enzo Castellari (Now most famous for the original Inglorious Bastards) Directs with a solid, direct style and opts for a total in your face approach rather than a slow atmospheric style, which feels almost documentary at times. Especially with the use of stock footage of sharks in the wild which is actually nicely cut into the film. There’s some strange stuff too, loads of slow motion surfing which seems to add 20 minutes to the running time.

Some great scenes include a bloke being knocked from a boat by the shark, who is flung 30 ft into the air in front of a crowd. Another victim is torn in half whilst various other limbs are bitten off by the shark. Glorious effects! Great film, one not to be missed.

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