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Z month. (March)

by on Jan.10, 2010, under 365 Schedule

OK, here’s the rough schedule for Z month, starting 1st March. It’s a real mixed bag with films, old an new from all parts of the world. I’ve also decided not to have any Romero. I love Romero and know his films inside out, therefore the reason to leave his out is a point more of searching out films i haven’t seen or haven’t seen for a long time.  If you are not familiar with Romero, go and buy everything he’s made now:)

Let me know what you think and also, join in with Z month. If you have trouble finding the films, let me know. and if you think i’ve made any bad choices or if you have any alternative suggestions, get in touch.

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La Chiesa (The Church (Demons 3))

by on Jan.10, 2010, under Daily Review

This film is about as good as it gets for 80’s Italian horror. It has everything, demon possession, spirits, mad men, murder, monsters and gore. Beautifully put together with a great cast of actors, a good script by Dario Argento (which even works well with Dubbing, even though it’s shot in English, although it looks as though Hugh Quarshie and Asia get their own voices) and some amazing direction, care of Michele Soavi, here at his finest.

The film is set in a Cathedral as a tomb is opened by archaeologists, releasing the demon spirits of devil worshipers from the middle ages, all inhabitants find themselves witness to strange happenings either in the form of hallucination, or possession but what makes this film stand out apart from the stunning cinematography and great vision achieved by Soavi, is that at no point do we really think evil will be overcome. We follow each character as they are taken to a dark place in their mind, and we accept the situation for what it is, unlike other offerings which would see a protagonist fighting evil and solving the crime and destroying Satan.

Barbara Cupisti offers a fine performance alongside Tomas Arana, Antonella Vitale, a young Asia Argento in what is probably her finest perfomance and the superb Giovanni Lombardo Radice as the old Reverend. Stivaletti knocks out most of the effects including an amazing goat headed demon and a good spiky iron gate through the neck of a woman is good too. Score by Goblin is the icing on the cake.

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