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Demons 5: Devil’s Veil (LA MASCHERA DEL DEMONIO)

by on Jan.08, 2010, under Daily Review

Another Lamberto Bava TV movie, rebranded as part of the demons series. This is basically a subtle remake of Mario Bava’s Black Sunday, telling the tale of a Witch, wronged for her dabbling with Satan and buried with a steel mask nailed to her head. Years later, a team of beautiful snowboarding youths stumble across her burial site as one, unfortunately falls to her death. The mask is removed and the demon soul released to cause all sorts of strange dreams for the snow locked adventurers. They find an old monastery and a weird priest and that’s really where the fun begins as the demons take control and evil thoughts and actions take hold.

It’s not a bad film actually, with some really neat camera work and a good bunch of actors. Impressive is the fact that this was in Italian with subs which is always a bonus as the Italian language works well adding character and charm and without the distraction of ridiculous dubbing, which was one of the big failures of Demons 1 & 2. Some decent effects too, with a nice grisly demonic Witch, skin flaking and rotting all over the place is always good viewing when created by Sergio Stivaletti. Another highlight is the deflating, shrivelling breasts of Caprioglio, as Sabina is possessed by Anibas, a shocking moment in the film. Simon Boswell knocks out a good score too compliment things and round off the film which looks much better than it should for a low budget TV affair.

The only downside and grip I would have would be the pace, which kinda slows right down half way through and continues to repeat itself for the next 40 minutes, I guess to make up the time. A whole sequence of ‘is she a demon, isn’t she a demon’ takes place between Sabina (Deborah Caprioglio, also seen in Paprica – Tinto Brass) and Davide (Giovanni Guidelli) who both offer great performances. It’s a shame as with 20 minutes cut from this film, it would have made viewing far better. Also, Eva Grimaldi plays Anibas the Witch to great affect.

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