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Demons 3 (The Ogre)

by on Jan.06, 2010, under Daily Review

This re-branded Lamberto Bava flick was released to cash in on the Demons success as part of a video re-branding release. It’s a shame as this kinda thing just tricks everyone and removes any credit the film might have had due to expectation. Originally, a TV movie as part of a short 3 part Italian series, Brivido giallo in ‘86.

 The Ogre is quite a good film, nicely filmed, pace and script are pretty good. It’s location is stunning though, set in a huge old mansion with great furniture and a creepy basement. Tells the tale of a young family who head to the country for a vacation to enable and aspiring novelist to find some inspiration. She soon dreams up a whole tale of beauty and the beast style romance and finds her imagination becoming reality.

 Virginia Bryant returns to the franchise from Demons 2, alongside Paolo Malco (New York Ripper & House by the Cemetery) and both offer fine performances. The Ogre effect is pretty bad, it’s a shame as the film hangs in the balance and if only the budget could stretch and provide some finer monster makeup, it could have been such a better movie. As it is, Angelo Mattei creates some half decent effects, some floating corpses are memorable and a highlight of one of the best moments in the film, while Bryant’s character discovers a missing page to her story at the bottom of a well in the cellar, taking a dip, fully clothed, she dives to the bottom to retrieve her paper, only to find bodies floating all around. All very reminiscent of Inferno. The film does ‘dream like’ very well and creates quite a nice atmosphere; enjoyable.

 Never the less, it’s quite good. Don’t expect too much and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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