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Demons 3 (Black Demons)

by on Jan.05, 2010, under Daily Review

Umberto Lenzi has had a long and winding and varied career. Cannibal Ferox and Nightmare City are high points, but this film is not far off the mark. Set in Brazil, 3 students are backpacking around the country. After their jeep breaks down, they find shelter in a nearby former plantation. Dick (Joe Balogh) was involved in a voodoo ritual earlier and through the power of a walkman, finds himself in the centre of the resurrection of the former slave occupants on the house; the Black Demons are out for revenge!

The young cast are all quite good. Offered little in the way of direction, they actually do a fine job with a pretty good script too. It’s well paced and has some high calibre gore moments. An impressive eye gouge is the first gore offering as Sonia (Juliana Teixeira) has one hooked out in style. A bloody good effect too, which is repeated later on in the film along with some good hatchet scenes.

 Although this has absolutely nothing to do with the Bava/Argento Demons, the Italians are renound for re-titling any old film as a sequel to gain higher viewing ratings. Crazy really as this film could easily have carried it’s self with it’s own merits. The Demons in question are nothing more than Zombies, and in fact, an alternative title of Black Zombies has been used on other releases.

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