The Witch Who Came From the Sea

by on Dec.01, 2009, under Daily Review

This is quite a disturbing film to watch, with controversial set pieces scattered throughout, each becoming more and more risqué. It’s quite a vicious little number, one of the lesser known, more obscure of the 80’s video nasties in the UK, only receiving a certificate recently from the BBFC. (Available in Box of the Banned 2)  It’s not from a gore point of view either as most of the blood spilt is via theatrical razor blade, quite badly performed.

The plot centres around Molly the mermaid, who has a hatred for beautiful men, and in particular, those from TV. She works in a bar, socialising with rich celebrities, footballers, actors and muscle men from the beach. Her agenda is to get close, and cut them up and remove some sensitive body parts. As the film rolls on, we soon discover, by use of some quite graphic and extremely grim flash back sequences that her Sea faring father had abused young Molly and in her damaged brain, she belongs only to him.

It’s a shocking film, especially a scene with two young boys aiding euthanasia with handfuls of various prescribed drugs. It’s disturbing, psychological and thought provoking and a very brutal depiction of what it could be like inside molly’s mind.


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