Friday the 13th

by on Dec.30, 2009, under Daily Review

The guys behind the stunning reworking of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre are back, this time tackling the Friday the 13th franchise, not an easy task as we are currently some 10 or 11 films deep. Rather than a straight remake, they’ve opted to pick up after the first and make a sleeker film with a bigger budget than the rest. Strange as the opportunity was there to recreate the back story which has been manipulated after the success of the first film.

The film starts with a slight few moments of the original, Jason’s mother on a killing spree to avenge the death of her son. In the original, the spirit of 13thJason is seen taking out the sole survivor into a watery grave. After box office success, a sequel was planned with Jason being the killing machine, who was actually not really dead all along. This remake would have made much more sense repairing this issue. None the less, they didn’t take this route, so therefore we have another killing spree, easier on the eye due to the amazing vision of Choreographer Dan Pearl and commitment to the horror scene from Marcus Nispel as Director. The cast have been hand picked for looks more than anything but notable performances from Padalecki and Travis Van Winkle; Aaron Yoo adds some light hearted moments. Willa Ford, Julianna Guill and Danielle Panabaker add to the ranks of scream queens.

It’s another bloodbath of teen woodland frolicking. It’s all fun and games, booze and sex until Jason swings his machete. It’s all been done before but never with such a fine eye and smooth production. More ingenious ways to die are created and a beautiful Savini-esq machete to the head can be seen, some 10 mins in: stunning effect. Equally impressive is a girl burning alive in a sleeping bag whilst her boyfriend watches, leg clamped to the floor. The problems I have is the creation of Jason’s lair, a maze of tunnels between buildings through the forest which, I suppose the invitation of how Jason spends his days when he’s not hacking and slashing is interesting, but becoming a miner and expert structural engineer seems a little out of his reach. Never the less, I think we all knew what this film would be like prior to viewing, but I was a little surprised at how enjoyable it was. The question now is, does this tempt me back to watch more as previously, I’ve only seen the first four.


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