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New Year’s Evil

by on Dec.31, 2009, under Daily Review

A crazed killer, using a weird voice changer, calls a TV disco DJ presenter just prior to one of the 3 (international time zones) New Years Eves in the USA claiming to kill someone at midnight. Basic interesting concept. Dreadful film. There isn’t much I have to say about this flick as I feel I’ve just newwasted 90 minutes of my life. Acting is awful, direction is dreadful and there are too many musical moments with live acts on stage with songs dragging on for far too long.

The script is quite fun though. One scene has the killer asking a woman to smell a plastic bag containing dope, as he swiftly slips the bag over her head, death by suffocation. ‘Here, smell this?’ There is also quite an interesting comparison between disco punks at a club, cut with a mental hospital with patients hugging and bobbing about. The killer also records the murders to audio tape as evidence to play back during his next phone call to the DJ using a huge ghetto blaster type player, hitting the play and record buttons. Quite nostalgic!

I’m clutching at straws though. It’s a New Years Eve movie. Surely there has to be something better in the horror genre, related to New Years than this?

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