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Bloodbath (Las flores del vicio)

by on Dec.09, 2009, under Daily Review

This film hurt my mind. It’s a dirty, ghastly thing which nearly caused me to take my own eyes out with a spoon. It has little if no plot and roughly equates to the following of Chicken (Dennis Hopper) and a bunch of other degenerates around a Spanish village, indulging in all sorts of crazy activity. Sex, drug taking and violence.  Many set sequences offer hope of a plot and some kind of incite that there might have been some plan on the set, but this is only demolorised by succeeding scenes of super strangeness.  

Carroll Baker puts in a courageous performance as a ‘has been’ actress, remising on the glory years and really is the star of this picture. Hopper is Hopper as always and fills the screen with his over zealous charisma and what Richard Todd is doing in this ungodly ensemble is anyone’s guess.

There are some shocking scenes. A pig slaughter tuned my stomach. A scene with a cat licking the blood from a slaughter dish as the meat hangs above is quite disturbing, turning surreal as the meat is replaced by human corpses and a scene with a young girl hitting a dead donkey with a stick is not nice at all. Another scene has a young boy knock to the floor and trampled to death as a beautiful girl watches from a balcony.  But the real horror has got to be the dubbing. Why dub Dennis Hopper into English at random moments? The film could have been good, it could have been better. Alas, it is what it is.

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