Week 3

by on Nov.14, 2009, under 365 Schedule

Andrew Prine is here! OK, this week we have a few treats. The Prine trilogy will be stunning, and the other 4 which i’ve picked out will hopefully be entertaining. I’ve had a few other suggestions too for the coming months. Val Lewton week, as mentioned by Ramsey – I’ll drop this in early in the New Year. Zombie month i think will be December (to tie in with the whole rising from the dead thing) so a full list of the 31 will be posted soon. (post comments and suggestions). Ah, also, some Christmas horror movies will be in there too, so maybe not 31 Zombie films, maybe 28 with 3 Santa Gore movies. (Wouldn’t ‘Santa Gore’ be a great name for a film?:)

Week 3:-

Second Name


The Wicker Man (included out of respect for Edward Woodward’s passing)

Haute Tension (Switchblade Romance)

Grizzly (Prine 1)

The Evil (Prine 2)

Simon, King of the Witches (Prine 3)

The Innocents

That’s it for now. Keep the comments and recommendations coming in.

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  • admin

    how about a couple of the jack frost movies? or silent night, deadly night? dont open till christmas? IIRC, childs play is set at xmas isnt it?

    hell, what about the best christmas “horror” of them all? GREMLINS!

  • Geoff

    A few good suggestions there. I’d forgotten about Gremlins too:) The Christmas list is getting rather large actually, i never realised there were so many Horrors in the Xmas theme. Think i’ll be putting the Zombie month off until Easter

  • Paul Stinson

    Yes, you did watch Martyrs!

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