Smash Cut

by on Nov.06, 2009, under Daily Review

Schloch cinema at it’s finest. I honestly didn’t know this kind of film was still getting made. Some might say that’s a good thing, but there always needs to be a balance smash01and after the week I’ve had a film like this can only be a blessing. Dave Hess takes centre stage in this homage to old school trash cinema of the 60’s, in particular those of HG Lewis (who gave the world ‘Wizard of Gore, Blood Fest and Gore Gore Girls’ to name a few) who also makes a guest appearance. In fact, the whole cast are built up out of horror legends, dropped into a basic plot with little if not any sign of a script. Michael Berryman (the bald one from Hill Have Eyes) competes with Hess, hack acting at every available moment of screen time.

Dave Hess, famous for his shocking, brutal roles in ‘Last house on the left’ and even more so, ‘House on the edge of the park’ but also, lesser known as the writer of Speedy Gonzales, here creates a character of crazed derangement and surrealism. A director criticised for his bad effects, turns to his cast for some real gore. Sasha Grey knocks out a great performance and shows some real potential with plenty of screen presence, plays a detective type in search for her missing actress sister, who has unfortunately fallen victim to the directors need for better effects. Gaining praise for his new found realistic style, Hess needs fresh victims.

It’s all a bit cheap and haphazard but what else can you expect from Lee Demarbre, the Canadian director whose last offering was Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Good trashy, schlochy craziness.


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