Simon, King of the Witches

by on Nov.22, 2009, under Daily Review

My name is Simon and I live in a storm drain! Is the opening line to this film. They don’t make ‘em like this anymore, and what a damn shame. In fact, I don’t think they made them like this back then either. This has got to be my favourite witchcraft simon2movie. It’s full of great quotes, brilliantly executed by it’s funky cast. Andrew Prine’s finest moment as Simon King of the Witches, and highly in demand for his powerful use of the magical art. Police and Hippies both seek his ability and Simon picks and chooses as and when whilst he works on his true goal to enable a powerful purple/blue light to emit from a bar of metal. Through various summoning and castings, involving people in various states of undress, the metal eventually lights up to give Simon almighty status.

Simon flaunts his strength, appearing cool parties and crashing rival covens, one such event has a man with a goats head (a real one!) and a naked girl ready for sacrifice who’s only line is ‘don’t touch me, I’m a religious object.’ The whole scene is quite crazy with Simon waving a broom to make a mockery out of their event, whose head witch is actually played by Ultra Violet, one of Andy Warhol’s muses.

There’s a love interest too, (Brenda Scott) although as with all good romance, there’s a catch. Her father is a Police detective, who demands she no longer associates with Simon and his magic. The twist here though is Simon is warning  against the use of drugs, wanting Linda to stay clean. Simon watches in a crazed spiritual dream as he falls through a mirror, (in a set piece that resembles Jimmy Page’s sequence from ‘Song Remains the Same’) that the local drugs are actually being ran by the head cop himself.

This is quite a film. If you are looking for something different, something fun, deep, edgy, colourful and clever then this is your one stop shop.

Death is only temporary. Is the final quote of the film and quite poetic too.


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