by on Nov.23, 2009, under Daily Review

This is a real nice little curiosity. A business man is on the run, cross country after concerns of embezzlement. After a few near misses with the police, he tunes his radio to calm his nerves, only to hear a message of distress. His better side leads him to the radio station transmitting the call for am1200help, and what he finds inside is something far more worrying than being caught by the cops.

In essence, this is HP Lovecraft down to the final frame of film although the story is not one of Lovecraft’s own, taken from an original source. It’s spooky and inquisitive with a deep feeling of dread surrounding the station. Eric Lange’s performance is convincing and reassuring, carrying along the simple thread of a plot. There are some real neat tricks too. One of the opening scenes has an amazing zoom into a map fading into a car on a road which is created with fine detail. The film certainly hits the spot too, with some brutal scenes and especially what he finds in the basement of the station, is pure poetic Lovecraft. Seek this out.


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