Eden Lake

by on Nov.01, 2009, under Daily Review

Extreme British nastiness at it’s most obscene.  The film has very little plot and our two main characters make the most outrageous of mistakes at every point. The story follows a weekend away from the big city for romantic camping in the woods. eden-lake-teaserFrom the first night in the B&B, the middle class pair are in for culture shock, spending the evening with the local chavs. In the real world, Jenny (Kelly Reilly) would have checked out trip advisor and realised this B&B is the worst place in the world to stay and opted for the Travel Inn just off the motorway. This was their first big mistake. The following day, they head for the desired Eden Lake. It’s here that the menace really becomes apparent in the form of abusive teenagers. What ensues is an extreme game of cat and mouse with Steve (Michael Fassbender) taking the brunt of a vicious happy slappy beating whilst Jenny spends the rest of the film running and having the worst possible luck repeatedly.

This film lifts much of it’s influences from Deliverance, Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes, but unlike these great Horror standards, has no real reasoning behind events which are brought on by really bad choices rather than unforeseen eden_lake‘wrong place at the wrong time’. Credit given to the chavs, who are vicious products of their environment and society.  Jack O’Connell (Brett) offers a performance that will stick in my mind for quite some time. Are there really people like this? We seem to hear about this kind of attack by teenagers, capturing the moment on their mobiles for YouTube viewing later, but I’d like to think that Brett is an exaggeration of even the worst of these reports. I’m not actually sure as to the whole purpose of this film, who it’s aimed at and why the producers funded this as with virtually no plot and very obvious protagonists I see it mainly as an exercise in torture: mine for wasting 90 mins of my life.


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