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Wolf Creek

by on Nov.26, 2009, under Daily Review

This Australian cat n mouse slasher offers some positive acting talent, realistic script and some neat camera work, although a tad amateurish and experimental at times. Based on real events which happened several years back, surrounding the disappearance of a pair of female wolf01backpackers. At the time, this was blamed on a travelling male companion who always pleaded his innocence, concocting a tale that an Ocker from the outback tricked and kidnapped the three of them and tortured the trio for kicks. The Ocker was never found and could still be out there, slaughtering backpackers, even now as you read these words. Who knows the truth, but this time round, the film follows the defendant’s story as they try to escape almost certain death whilst running through the wild plains of Australia.

It really is a harrowing thought and makes you think twice about who you trust to help you out with a broken down vehicle. If only the AA had better coverage? It should also make many students think twice about their year out.

The film is well shot, nice and enjoyable to pass the time, but there really is nothing new here. Hitcher and Hills Have Eyes come to mind as superior similar events. Acting is good though and as a modern 90 minute horror film, this rattles along quite well. The villain (John Jarratt) is an interesting character too with plenty of depth, something I wasn’t expecting and realistically lifts this film. The old Crocodile Dundee knife line is always good form and there are some quite vicious notable moments of violence. Fair dinkum.

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