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End of the Line

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End of the world, end of the line. This tale is one from the gospels warning of the day of revelations. God will choose who enters his kingdom for the afterlife, whilst the rest remain here on earth with the demons. Same old story, but this time told with quite a meaty edge and makes endline01many of it’s predecessors look tame. At heart, this is a lock stock Zombie fest, without the zombies who have been replaced by religious freaks from the sect, ‘Voice of Eternal Hope’ who spend most of the film ‘saving’ anyone they can plunge their sacrificial dagger into. Amen.

Ilona Elkin takes the lead role as Karen, a psychiatric nurse, who keeps having bad dreams and occasional spooky visions. On the train back from work, she’s met with judgment day as the Voice of Eternal Hope begin their reign of slaying on board the tube. Some passengers escape and take their chances in the tunnels. But were those nightmare dreams of Karen’s just troubled mind or really a vision of what is yet to come?

This is an ambitious movie and could have helped with a better cast and a larger budget. That aside, it copes very well. The cast are quite good, with some talent shining through. The script is a tad shoddy and it looks a bit TV ish, but the gore effects are old school and very savage in places. A chunky axe to the head is effective and very well done. The plot and pacing are excellent and leaves the viewer questioning after the end credits, which is always a winner in my opinion.

Maurice Devereaux, (writer and director) takes us to an interesting place offering Religion as the villain with an even bigger threat lurking in the wings. There are some real moments of dread and fear, especially during the dream/demon scenes and also some real terror when dealing with moral standards; hitting a young lad with a crowbar is uneasy viewing, but dwarfed by the scene shortly after between a married couple, with child caught between religious values to ‘save themselves’ by the blade.

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