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I thought I’d get this one out of the way earlier, mainly as it’s been quite a talking point due to being refused a certificate by the BBFC, who over the past few years have been extremely lenient towards the genre. It’s understandable why this was refused. Secondly, I wanted this viewed and reviewed, done and dusted as early on in the project as possible as this is not my type of thing at all.

Gorenography has been on the rise with the likes of Hostel and Saw leading the way. Crazy carnage has become acceptable viewing in many recent grotesquehorror flicks. Gurotesuku takes this all a little bit too far. The Plot: Stalker targets a romantic couple, out for a stole. After a brief van ride, the two wake up tied in a cell and await a bit of torture from the loony in the doctors outfit. He takes his role seriously and after inflicting some pain, heals up the wounds in his own private hospital, before taking them back down to the cells. As you can see, there is no plot here really and no reason to ever watch this film. Purely an exercise in extreme gore which isn’t really very nice. It’s very similar to a film from 80’s, Flower of Flesh and Blood as part of the Guinea Pig series. The ending made me laugh slightly with it’s over ridiculousness.

One thing which always puts me off these types of things is the foley, which sounds like someone with their fingers in a cake mix whilst lifting weights at the gym which just doesn’t seem to be mixed very well. The effects are very well put together, but nothing special, nothing which hasn’t been done before in the previous 30 years. Maybe I missed the point of this, maybe it was lost in translation or purely just a culture thing. Either way, you won’t be seeing this at your local Odeon and that can only be a good thing.

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